30 September 2010

Music and More

To start off i have found a "new" group ... at least its new to me and their music is freaking awesome. I just purchased their album today and im addicted :D i hope you can appreciate and enjoy it as well. I have to say that it really inspires me to pour my heart and soul into my drawings. Just so you dont freak out i have been working on 2 sketches and im eager to show them to you all once my scanner decides to work for me.

On a trip to Barnes and Noble the other day, I found the greatest copy of my favorite book. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and illustrated be Dame Darcy. I haven't read this since high school and have since lost my previous copy so i decided to purchase it and re-read it. OMG i had forgotten what a great book it is. I will admit that right now its keeping me from drawing since its such a page turner, but i hoping it will inspire me to do a new piece, maybe of Jane or another character that strikes my fancy.

A couple of other things that are new ... i finally got my droid2 and i realized that i dont know how i have survived this far without a smart phone and for the past 5 days we have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms ... its fucking awesome!!! i love the rain so much <3 ill leave it here for now but look out for some sketches soon 

<3 Beka

12 September 2010


just a bit of practice ... i like the coloring on the face, maybe ill work on it some more another night but for now this will do.

11 September 2010


just a little drawing i did at work, inspired by my grandmother and loish

09 September 2010

Influence Map

just a meme that was floating around deviantArt