23 November 2010


31 October 2010

Fan Art

Jane Eyre



just a few sketches that ive been working on over the past couple of weeks. i hope you all enjoy :]

30 September 2010

Music and More

To start off i have found a "new" group ... at least its new to me and their music is freaking awesome. I just purchased their album today and im addicted :D i hope you can appreciate and enjoy it as well. I have to say that it really inspires me to pour my heart and soul into my drawings. Just so you dont freak out i have been working on 2 sketches and im eager to show them to you all once my scanner decides to work for me.

On a trip to Barnes and Noble the other day, I found the greatest copy of my favorite book. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and illustrated be Dame Darcy. I haven't read this since high school and have since lost my previous copy so i decided to purchase it and re-read it. OMG i had forgotten what a great book it is. I will admit that right now its keeping me from drawing since its such a page turner, but i hoping it will inspire me to do a new piece, maybe of Jane or another character that strikes my fancy.

A couple of other things that are new ... i finally got my droid2 and i realized that i dont know how i have survived this far without a smart phone and for the past 5 days we have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms ... its fucking awesome!!! i love the rain so much <3 ill leave it here for now but look out for some sketches soon 

<3 Beka

12 September 2010


just a bit of practice ... i like the coloring on the face, maybe ill work on it some more another night but for now this will do.

11 September 2010


just a little drawing i did at work, inspired by my grandmother and loish

09 September 2010

Influence Map

just a meme that was floating around deviantArt

24 February 2010

2. Love

finally finished after all the computer problems and traveling. <3

09 February 2010

100 Theme Challenge: Sketches

i started the 100 themes challenge a while ago, had a few sketches that kept getting pushed aside and i eventually abandoned the project. well i have decided to pick it back up and stick with it and also redo every sketch seeing as how i have improved a lot since the project was begun. some of the pictures will be revamps of old gifts/trades i felt needed a better/second attempt.
so here are some of the ones i have started:

2. Love

this has to be my favorite! im so very proud of this piece.
Zombie girl <3's her Vampire Boy  

53. Keeping a Secret (Revamped Trade for Weura-Chan)

my first attempt i lacked the will and skill (hah theres a rhyme) to add all the detail that Weru's character had in her costume. im quite pleased with the pose and how it came out.

07 February 2010

Pandora's Box

15 January 2010

Gee Gee <3

freaking addicting as hell!! <3

13 January 2010

What Are Friends For?

12 January 2010

Little Red

evil little red riding hood and her pet wolf ...

11 January 2010

More Fish

couldn't decide if i liked it better with or without the background. just a fish i painted in twisted brush open studio with my mouse because my job is boring ...

07 January 2010


makeshift mermaid = zombie girl with no legs, a long victorian dress, and octopus hat

angler fish need love too ...

i seem to really enjoy drawing octopi lately ... dont ask why i just find it fun :D