24 February 2010

2. Love

finally finished after all the computer problems and traveling. <3

09 February 2010

100 Theme Challenge: Sketches

i started the 100 themes challenge a while ago, had a few sketches that kept getting pushed aside and i eventually abandoned the project. well i have decided to pick it back up and stick with it and also redo every sketch seeing as how i have improved a lot since the project was begun. some of the pictures will be revamps of old gifts/trades i felt needed a better/second attempt.
so here are some of the ones i have started:

2. Love

this has to be my favorite! im so very proud of this piece.
Zombie girl <3's her Vampire Boy  

53. Keeping a Secret (Revamped Trade for Weura-Chan)

my first attempt i lacked the will and skill (hah theres a rhyme) to add all the detail that Weru's character had in her costume. im quite pleased with the pose and how it came out.

07 February 2010

Pandora's Box