22 December 2009

Happy Holidays

just a little something i drew for the holidays <3 Luna & Voodoo

17 December 2009

Zombie GirL

Sketch number 3 for this month, i threw a few colors in there just for fun :D ... can you tell i like zombies? this eyes and ribbons were inspired and influenced by a wonderful artist,Nay-Chan


08 December 2009


i can never seem to get myself to remember to put my sketches up here. truth be told i havent been doing much art but i really need to get back into the swing of things. so i will try this again ... deleted all the old shit that pains me to look at ... and i will try to post at least 5 sketches per month; we will see how this will go. ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES are coming soon to a sketchblog near you ....

i am your living dead girl